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School Council

A whole-school commitment to pupil voice

Our school council is a body of students, elected by their peers, in a formal election setting. They represent the views of all the students at Gosforth East Middle school on decisions that impact them and consider ways to improve our school and implement change.


As a School Council, we see ourselves as the voice of all pupils in the school. We ensure that all views are taken into account in decisions about teaching, learning, fundraising and the success of our school. We aim to enhance citizenship to create a happy, healthy, safe and enriching learning environment and develop projects that involve everybody, build good relationships with our local community and improve the environment.

School Councillors 2021-2022

Our elected representatives are:


Jemima Ava 7MR Anahita Ted
5SC Charlie Kamilla 7KH Mahveen  
5SR Ghida Will 7RC Abdul Joseph
5ER Kiran Evie 7KD Fraser Charlotte
6LW Eleanor Jaymie 8HC Kirsty Jay
6HT Eliza Alexandra 8MB Joy David
6PW Luke Isabella 8KJ Mabel Bea
6NS Imogen Aalim 8KS Ayesha Isla

Elected Leads:

Chairperson: Ayesha 8KS

Deputy Chairperson: Abdul 7RC

Secretary: Anahita 7MR

Communications Officers: Jay and Kirsty 8HC

Promotions Officers: Bea and Mabel 8KJ

Class Meetings

In class, School Council representatives share and discuss ideas for ways to improve our school.

The School Council representative records ideas in our Class Council files to bring to the next School Council meeting for discussion.

We hold Class Council meetings once a month.

School Council Meetings

School Council meet every month to discuss the ideas, decide on the most effective ways to change and improve the school and then talk to the people who can help to make it happen.

School Council regularly share news and information about new initiatives and the important things that are achieved.

Together we can help Gosforth East Middle to continue to grow and succeed.

Gosforth East Middle School Council Constitution

School Council needs a constitution because it will:

o Provide everyone with a clear statement of purpose

o Set out the rules and procedures to make sure School Council runs effectively and successfully

o Provide clear guidelines for anyone joining School Council