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Some of our young entrepreneurs at our Table Top Sale

Curriculum Intent

Art at Gosforth East Middle School aims to embody in all its’ pupils an appreciation of beauty as well as an awareness of how creativity depends on their ability to master key techniques.

Students will learn to draw, paint and sculpt as well as design and create aesthetically pleasing objects in two and three dimensions. Pupils will also learn about the achievements of great artists and designers and the impact that history art movements have had.

Curriculum Overview

Year 8

Half Term One: Surrealism and Impressionism

Half Term Two: Cultures Around the World

Year 7

Half Term One: Pop Art

Half Term Two: Identity and Portraits

Year 6

Half Term One: Abstract Art

Half Term Two: Native American and Aboriginal Art

Year 5

Half Term One: Basic Skills

Half Term Two: Animals and Insects

Students spend one full term in art as part of a yearly cycle with Design and Technology and Food Technology.

Lessons occur once a week and are two hours long.