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Year 7's trip to the 'Centre for Life'

As an end of year treat, year 7 visited the ‘Centre for Life’.

As an end of year treat year 7 visited the ‘Centre for Life’ and got involved in lots of different activities.

They watched a show all about astronauts and the new astronaut into space, Tim Peakes. They learnt all about the Hubble space craft and the dilemmas the team building it faced.

They also went ice skating and went on the 4d motion ride, which this time was all about Happy Feet.

They even got to test some things out themselves, for example make patterns in spinning sand and test out the wind machine. The final thing they did was have a go on the cool games in the ‘Centre for Life’s’ newest exhibition, ‘Game On 2.0’.

Overall, the day was amazing and very entertaining - everybody had a great time.

By Thea and Isabelle, year 7

Bubbles during the 4D motion ride

That bottle contains alcohol vapour, which is about to go on fire and propel it across the stage.