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Year 5 Trip to Gibside

Our pupil's own account of our trip to Gibside

On Wednesday 4th of November 5RM and 5ND went on a fun trip to Gibside where we learnt some history and geography and got lots of exercise.

We got on the coach at 9.15 and were all very excited about what we would do at Gibside. After half an hour we arrived, dumped our bags in giant buckets, and then found out which groups we were in. We were given question sheets and we had to find out which photo matched the description of each place. We then had to go to the different places to answer some of the questions on the sheet.

After an enormous walk we learnt that The Column of Liberty was made of stone, wood and gold and the statue was 164 feet tall! We also learnt that the Orangery, surprisingly, used to grow oranges!

After lunch we walked to the den building area where we sat down on logs and discussed which animals would live at Gibside. After that we got into our groups and built dens. We were all very proud of our dens when we were finished but were disappointed that there was no winner.

Finally we went on a humongous walk back to the coach and we all wished we didn’t have to leave. We arrived back at school tired but happy after a great day at Gibside.

By Charlie, year 5.