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Gosforth Community Book Festival

Children's authors told our pupils about their books and what inspired them to write.

Dave Cousins talked about how his experiences in life lead to him becoming an author.

Gosforth Community Book Festival was held on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th October. The Friday involved our school, Gosforth Central Middle School, Gosforth Junior High Academy and Newcastle School for Boys. The Saturday was hosted by Newcastle School for Boys and was open to the whole community.

On Friday Year 5 and Year 6 joined author Dan Freedman as he introduced them to the world of footballer Jamie Johnson. Pupils heard how Dan’s passion for football led him to a career as a respected football journalist, and how he turned his unique experiences into a popular action packed sporting series. On the same day, Year 7 pupils visited Newcastle School for Boys Senior School to join Dave Cousins. He told us about his teen realism books with action, humour and heart. Dave was hilarious and we all had a fun afternoon! 

Dan Freedman with GEMS Pupils


Pupils from year 7 went to Newcastle School for Boys to see Dave Cousins


Dave Cousins talked about his earlier career in a band.


Some children bought books by Dan Freedman and got them signed.


Dan Freedman talked about sports, especially football.