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More Maths Victories

Our pupils have been winning yet more prizes in Sumdog's national maths competitions.

Our Champion, Jessica

Once again, our pupils have been making some great achievements in maths. First of all, we entered the national Sumdog Maths competition, and Mr Mills’ year 5 maths class came fourth out of the 1,609 classes who entered, narrowly missing out on a prize. Even better, Jessica in 5SL came second out of 14,998 children from all over the country, by answering 986 questions out of 1,000 questions correctly! And if you think that’s good, in the Christmas Sumdog competition she did even better, getting 999 out of 1,000 answers right. Unfortunately she was pipped for first place by a boy who got a perfect score. Still, second place out of the 55,280 students who entered isn’t bad, is it?

Our children have also been working hard in their ordinary maths lessons. This last half-term, the following children have been nominated for for excellent effort and commitment by their teachers:

Year 5: Jasmine, Billy, Holly, Isabella and Maisie.

Year 6: Alanah, Ben, Seb, Lucy, Jack and Isobel.

Year 7: Isobal, Emma, Charlotte, Imaad and Timmy

Year 8: Adam, Katie, Lucy and Melissa.

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