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Emma’s Guide to GEMS Sports Clubs

There are lots of good clubs in school, and clubs are opportunities. Some great clubs are the sporty ones.


There are lots of good clubs in school, and clubs are opportunities. Some great clubs are the sporty ones.  And who better than our own smiley Mr Jordan to run most of them?

On Monday you could join girls’ or boys’ rugby. I haven’t been to either, but I have a friend who goes regularly, and they find it fantastic! Pupils from any year group are welcome.

This is for Year Sevens and  Eights only! On Tuesday, why not try kick serve? It is a mixture of tennis and rugby and run by a special coach. You will be kicking and serving in no time. I have been and found it great fun; I played lots of games and did some training with the coach, Stephanie.  

Another great club on Tuesday is tumble club. Miss O’Sullivan runs it in the gym from 3:20 to 4:15. Sadly, you can’t just turn up. However, if you want to join, then speak to Miss O’Sullivan and she could fix something up for you the next term.

Back to all year groups! On Wednesday, for the girls, it’s football. I go to this club every week, 3:20 to 4:20. If you like football, or are just willing to give it a try, then come along. We do a warm up and a few games; I enjoy it very much. A special coach runs the club and you never know, in a few weeks you could be on the school team.

Thursday has many great clubs; I go to two on this day. In the morning for sevens and eights is Volleyball Club. It starts at 8 o’clock and goes until 8:45. I have just joined but it is already my favourite club. Mr Jordan runs it and we always play lots of matches between us.

After school I do Bike Club, which is available to any year group. We have a fun time with Miss Hudson in the front cage and during the term we go on longer half day or whole day rides. If you can’t bring in your own bike, or if you don’t have your own, then we have a whole collection of blue school bikes you can borrow. I have been going since summer in Year 5, and in my opinion you should definitely join it; it is a great opportunity.

Friday is the last day of the week, but that means you can end it with a fun club! Today I do badminton until 4:30, with only the small cost of £2 a week. With Mr Jordan and a special coach named Rob we do many fun activities. You don’t have to be an expert. We also supply rackets.

As you can see, GEMS has many sporty clubs throughout the week. Why don’t you join one? School will be more fun if you do!          

Emma, Year 7


Tumble Club


More Tumbling       

               Bike Club