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Extreme Reading Competition

We are having an 'extreme reading' competition over the summer - find out how to take part and what you can win.

What is extreme reading?

It's reading...but different...
 It's reading but perhaps somewhere a bit different...
Reading on the beach?
On a rollercoaster?
On a farm?
Or underwater?
Basically, get at least one picture of yourself reading somewhere different or in a different situation!
It's a competition and there will be prizes... So let's look at:

What you could win...

For every picture you send to us at GEMS this summer to, or bring in a printout in September, GEMS will give you...
2 IRIS house points
When the competition is over at the end of September...
3rd place will win you 5 IRIS house points.
2nd place will win you 10 IRIS house points.
1st place will win you 25 IRIS house points.
But that's not all.  For the class with the most people taking part...
5 IRIS house points for everyone in that class!!
To be entered in the competition, your email must clearly state your name and new class from September.

Who will be taking part?

Staff and pupils!  Everyone at GEMS hopefully!
Watch out for the display next year!
Please make sure you extreme read responsibly and safely. (Not on your bike, not in the middle of a road...)
Have an excellent summer!