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Street Science

On the 18th of March a scientist called Chelsea came into Year 5. 

A human circuit

On the 18th of March a scientist called Chelsea came into Year 5. Firstly Chelsea took a lighter and held it under a pink balloon and, within milliseconds, the balloon went pop. Then Chelsea took a balloon filled with water and did the same process. However, the balloon did not pop, it just turned slightly black. This was because the water inside the balloon could absorb the heat and use it to heat the water which started to boil. Eventually the balloon would’ve popped.
Next, the children took a slinky and held it to their ears and jumped back in surprise. It made a laser sound which was described like a gun firing. Chelsea then took out a cup and held it to the slinky then all of the children could hear the noise. This happened because the cup acted as a speaker.
Chelsea burning balloons
After that, Chelsea took out an energy ball which had two pieces of metal on either side; when someone put their fingers on either side of the energy ball it lit up became they had become a human circuit. To really demonstrate this idea further the children then held hands to create a circuit themselves. This was made possible because our bodies conduct electricity.
Chelsea then produced a drill with an optical illusion attached to it. We stared at the spot in the middle as it spun for 20 seconds. When we looked away everything looked like it was small and wonky. We were all amazed! 

Mind control!!

Finally Chelsea did a mind reading trick. Someone stood up and thought of the day of his/her birthday. Then the   child told the people who were holding the cards to turn the card around if the date of birth was not on it. Finally Chelsea told us the date of birth of that person and then she revealed her secret; she added the top left numbers of all of the cards that were left unturned.
Chelsea inspired many of us to perhaps study science at university and become scientist ourselves one day. 
By Eve, Freya  and Samaha from 5NC.  

Marvellous mind reading