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Year 7 Go Bananas in French Theatre

On Monday 1st of March, or lundi 1 mars as I  should say, all of Year 7 were visited by a French theatre company.

The amazing cast!
On Monday 1st of March, or lundi 1 mars as I  should say, all of Year 7 were visited by a French theatre company who, thankfully, could also speak fluent English. In the morning each class did a workshop where we put our knowledge of the play that we had been studying to the test through some fun games and activities. (We had been working on the play in French lessons and had learnt some very catchy songs.) One game that we particularly enjoyed was the Evolution Game  starting as poisson (fish) and going round the hall until we met another poisson; we would then play rock, paper, scissors. The winner would turn into a lapin (rabbit). The game carried on from a rabbit to a tiger to an elephant to Mademoiselle Christelle (a main character from the play).
Guess what—lapin or poisson?
In the afternoon we all gathered together in the hall to watch the theatre company perform its play. As we had been learning about the play, we had a good understanding of what was happening and what the words meant. I will give you a brief summary of what happened. There is a woman called Mademoiselle Christelle who loves bananas. She lives on the island of Paradise with her 5 animal friends baleine -whale, tigre- tiger, lapin, cheval-horse and éléphant - I will let you work that one out for yourselves. Mademoiselle Christelle wants to marry a banana but there are problems: they are not alive and they don’t talk. She puts up a poster asking for a man with banana qualities which the rabbit thinks he has but the other animals disagree. He proposes 3 duels with each animal and beats all but one of them using  sly ways so he cannot marry  Mademoiselle Christelle. 
There were many sing along songs and lots of audience interaction. There was also some great acting, scenery and props, which all complemented greatly this rather bizarre play. Much fun was had by everyone and we all thank the theatre company for coming in and Miss Gill for organising it.
By Ruth, 7KW