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SATS for Year 6

All children in year 6 will undertake English and Maths SATS tests in May. You can download some information about these exams, and booklets to help your child with revision, from the bottom of this page.

Firstly, there is a general overview of the tests, including a timetable and a summary of changes from previous years. There is also a document that gives more information about the content of the tests. Finally, there is a revision booklet to help with English, and another for maths.

Helpful Websites

Here are some websites that children might find useful when preparing for the year 6 SATs.


Examples of SAT questions and can complete questions online and have automatically marked.

Interactive Maths games sorted into each area of maths (Shape & Space, Number etc) so you can pick/target the skills that you need more practise with.

A very comprehensive site listing key skills children in Year 6 should be able to do – also gives examples of a questions for each skill. If you want to join there is a fee, but a good overview of the breadth of skills and knowledge for parents to see.

A nice interactive revision site with fun activities for revision

A good website with clear instructions and facts to help children and parents understand topics. Each section has games, a clear explanation and a quiz at the end.

A Maths “Boot Camp”. 25 days ( 5 weeks) of maths activities and games. Split into sections such as addition/subtraction/Place Value with up to 20 links per topic. The links are t outside websites but this is a good collation of resources. Days 1-5 activities are free, days 6-25 are by subscription.

Games, advice and help, all written by a parent. A site with good section especially for parents about the new methods – it explains long division by chunking and grid multiplication along with number lines and other concepts that children patiently try to explain to parents! Plenty of games for children as well

A useful revision site using quizzes covering topics of maths from Year 3 to year 6. Ideal for lower ability learners to build confidence trying skills from all 3 years of primary. Gives a brief reminder of some key points at the start of each quiz.

A perfect mixed times tables game for anyone who loves penguins and times  tables.

American site but very good large collection of games for all topics within maths. Also has some good  interactive maths video presentations.

Good for parents as you can go through a mini lesson before each quiz with the children to see what they need to know/do.

All children registered on here – rewards children with games for completing activities.  Not much explanation so more for revision of topics.  If children ask, teachers can set them tasks in particular areas they want to concentrate on  and give them individual deadlines etc. 

The Key Stage 2 Ultimate 3-in-1 Maths SATs Organiser can be downloaded below.

Many of these sites also have English activities on them as well.


Spellingframe includes all the words - both statutory and the example words - from the KS2 National Curriculum for Spelling. Choose a spelling rule and each word is read aloud and provided within a sentence for context.